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Welcome to the Secondary School


Academic Overview

At BISK, we are committed to deepening student understanding of course content and skills. We provide varied instructional opportunities within the classroom to engage students and makelearning accessible. Our faculty plan together on a regular basis via common planning teams and in departments. We are committed to using Best Practices in our instruction, and we offer a range of assessments to allow students to demonstrate understanding in multiple ways.

We are committed to academic rigor by providing learning environments that ensure students are able to transfer knowledge among subjects, to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information, to use critical thought to solve real-world problems, and to see the relevance and application of content to areas outside the classroom. Our students are engaged in activities that inspire curiosity, with assessment used as a tool for reflection and taking ownership of their own learning.

The British International School of Kurdistan is proud of its diverse academic and Advanced Placement curriculum.

We offer a range of core and elective options for students in all areas of study including English, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Performing and Visual Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, Information Technology, STEM and Religion. Arabic and Kurdish is a required and Religion is a required course for all Muslim students.

The Secondary School Staff consists of certified and talented teachers and is supported by  counselor, technology support staff, secretaries and the principal.

We are committed to our school mission statement and reinforce that students should seek  innovation,  practice compassion, and learn for life.



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