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Personal, Social and Academic Counseling


Students’ social/emotional wellbeing is important to us. We have counselors who promote the emotional, social and academic growth of all learners. Our counseling team facilitates and guides our student wellness programs, ensuring that everyone learns in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.

Counseling Overview

The Secondary counselor serve as advocates for and support students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and assist with exploring post-secondary opportunities. Our counselor focus on academic and university counseling in addition to supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. The counselor work in partnership with families, faculty, administration, and outside resources in support of students achieving their goals.

Academic Counseling

  • Individual student academic program planning

  • Advocating for students

  • Schedule classes and advise on course selection

  • Mediate between students, teachers and parents

  • Analyze data from student achievement, student surveys and various assessments

  • Refer students for student support services

  • Providing individual and small group counseling services to students

  • Help the principals identify and resolve student issues

  • Crisis response

  • Refer students for outside services

  • Monitor student behavioural interventions

  • Help design advisory sessions on pertinent issues


General/Other Counseling

  • Review admissions files and make recommendations regarding academic fit and planning

  • Assist students with transitions into and out of the school parent and student meetings for post secondary planning

Post Secondary

  • Organize parent and student meetings for college/university planning

  • Coordinate college admissions visits to campus

  • Organize and administer the SAT, AP testing and Pearson Testing

  • Interpret the standardized test scores with students and parents

  • Support students through the college application process

  • Support students with post secondary planning not including university such a gap years, military service, employment.

Ranking web of University

List of Universities in Kurdistan Region:

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