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Health Department

The Good health for our students is an investment for the future.

Because health is a status of physical, psychological, mental and social integration, not just a disease destitute.
Our school paid particular attention to the health of our students and the safety of their school environment where the school established a special health department to follow up their health.

The health department consists of a fully equipped clinic with a full-time general doctor; another clinic operated by a qualified nurse that receives regular and emergency cases for students and the working staff.

Health department of BISK is supervised by medical care zone company that take responsibility for medical care and medical education of students 


Medical care consists of:

1-a fully equipped clinic with GP Doctor available during school times 5 days per week assisted by a professional nurse 

Responsibilities : diagnosis , treatment and giving instructions and recommendations to students and their families 

All daily cases will be first seen by GP doctor after examination all necessary requirements including dressing, giving basic medications and injections will be given after taking permission from family accompanied by giving medical instructions and recommendations 


2- a Dentist and with a dental chair for screening and giving basic treatment for students regarding dental care accompanied by check-up for all students to maintain healthy oral Hygiene


3- ophthalmologist with ophthalmic technician and basic eye examination equipments for check up and early diagnosis of eye problems with recommendations regarding eyeglasses and other related eye diseases to their families 


4-otolaryngologist ( ENT ) with full equipments for hearing test for all students and examination of nose and throat 



Any emergency case immediately ambulance will arrive  and will be transferred to private hospital and our medical staff will give all necessary medical attention until family arrive 


Medical education 



Ours nurses and doctors will take part in raising medical awareness of all students by presenting medical lectures on different subjects according to grades 


Making scientific trips to hospitals 


Taking part in different activities during world medical events throughout the year 



Making discount approximately 20% in private hospital by giving each student QR card

BISK is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students. We are following and using guidelines from the Ministry of Health, and keep our campus safe for everyone holistically.
There are defined ways that we can maintain a healthy community – from washing our hands, wearing our masks, watching our distance and, working together.

Our detailed plans and protocols to keep our community safe are outlined in the dropdown menus below:

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We will continue to work with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and other health officials to ensure we are in alignment with the latest and most accurate guidelines. While on campus, students who are not in compliance with our safety/health protocols will be asked to leave campus. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and commitment to our community’s safety as we offer in-person learning this semester.

Our community members are advised to continue practicing for safety:

  • Wear your mask indoors - Everyone on the BISK campus is required to wear masks when indoors. You do not need to wear your mask when working alone (eg. classroom) or outside. However, if someone else walks in, it would be best practice to put on your mask and ensure you maintain your physical distance. Ensure the mask is worn properly, i.e covers mouth and nose completely.

  • Watch your distance - Our classrooms, offices, and common spaces are organized to ensure appropriate distancing (1 meters minimum). We always maintain at least 1 meter distance.

  • Wash your hands - Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds. Clean and disinfect shared resources (e.g., photocopier) between employees.

  • Work together - Try to meet in a well ventilated area or outside if possible if you have a meeting. If you meet in an office or classroom, keep windows and doors open for air flow and wear your mask.

Attendance & Illness

Expectations for Attendance

Our primary goal is to maintain the health of our community. Please note that students who are feeling unwell need to remain at home. Students will not be penalized for the number of sick days accrued during the school year. 

Please note the following:

  • Students, parents, staff, extended family and BISK alumni will be allowed access to the campus-as outlined in the COVID Handbook.

  • A policy of “staying at home if you are unwell” for students, teachers or school staff with symptoms will be encouraged.

  • Please contact our Health Office at if your child is feeling unwell

In case of Illness

  • If a student or adult develops Covid-like symptoms while on campus, the ISK Health Office has designated an isolation room with a separate bathroom facility.

  • Please note that a child who has developed Covid-like symptoms while on campus will not be allowed to travel home on BISK buses.

Teaching & Learning

Learning at BISK is guided by our Mission, Vision and Educational Aims: creating, communicating, solving, learning and acting. We ask all of our community members to remember we are all here to support children and the communities they (and we) live in. We aspire to craft learning experiences that continues to encourage experiential, integrated and personalised learning.

Class & Common Spaces

BISK is fortunate that the building design facilities and grounds allow us to continue to offer a quality education whilst maintaining our adherence to the COVID school guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

Classrooms in BISK are spacious and have large windows. This has allowed us to ensure good airflow and socially distanced seating that reduces the risk of catching COVID-19.

All common spaces such as the canteen, library, auditorium and playgrounds have been accessed in relation to ventilation, capacity, social distance and traffic flow. Guidelines and timetables have been devised to reduce overcrowding, provide opportunities to clean spaces between use and offer a safe space for students to eat, move and relax. 

All activities and facilities outside of a conventional classroom setting are provided with guidelines to ensure that all staff and students using the facilities are doing so in a manner that also reduces their risk of infection or infecting others.

Organization of the Day

Schedules are designed based on the grade of the students. We will not be using our typical homeroom system as we need to reduce the number of transitions students make throughout the day.  Students will be grouped in classrooms according to grade and placement.

While we want to limit the possibility of exposure between each of our cohorts, we also understand the importance of movement and will provide frequent breaks and opportunities for students to get outside.

Social Distance & Face Masks

Classrooms and Hallways

BISK recognizes that to effectively reduce risk of infection, it must implement effective physical distancing policies. When all BISK students attend school at the same time, this poses additional difficulties for the school to adhere to best-practice guidelines, however, we have reviewed all our spaces in order to ensure a 1 meter physical distancing guideline.

Face Masks

  • The Ministries of Health and Education Guidelines for basic school education mandates the wearing of face masks in educational institutions. Community members do not need to wear a mask when outdoors. 

  • You do not need to wear your mask when working alone. However, if someone else walks in, it would be best practice to put on your mask and ensure you maintain your physical distance.

Movement on Campus

  • We always maintain at least 1 meters distance.

  • We learn and work outside when possible and in well ventilated spaces (ie windows open).

  • We organize our classrooms, offices, common spaces to ensure appropriate distancing (1 meters minimum).

  • We maintain distance and follow traffic flow guidelines around campus.

  • We maintain distance and look for maximum capacity in each room/space.

  • We use virtual meetings to support proper distancing and avoid mixing when suitable.

Early Childhood Protocols

  • We know that it will be challenging for our youngest learners to physically distance throughout the day.

  • We will structure the day and design activities that will promote healthy distancing as much as possible, including time spent outdoors. 

  • Early Childhood students will be required to wear face masks while indoors at all times except while eating. This includes arrival and dismissal time and when moving around the building.



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