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Welcome to the Primary School


Academic Overview

The Primary School at the British International School of Kurdistan seeks to inspire, foster and cultivate students from diverse backgrounds, who will make a positive difference in the world. We strive to nurture a strong relationship between home and school, recognising the value in consistent and regular communication in the development of a trusting partnership.

The Primary School community is characterised by care, compassion, and commitment to the educational, social, and emotional well-being of every child. Our educators work hard to ensure that the Primary School is a safe, positive, and enriching learning environment for all children. On a daily basis, students are given opportunities to learn, grow, and develop skills and strategies to be successful global citizens of the 21st century.

The Primary School curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards and follows a standards-based grading scale. The program includes core subjects taught in a homeroom class environment along with specialists (art, music, and physical education) Kurdish and Arabic. Students are given ample chances to participate in a range of engaging, age-appropriate educational opportunities in the classroom, along with numerous school-wide events and a variety of after-school activities.

At BISK we believe:

  • That education is a lifelong process

  • That every child is a unique individual with the potential for growth

  • That all people have equal intrinsic worth and should be treated with respect

  • That it is essential to recruit, develop and retain outstanding personnel

  • That it is our responsibility to model and address ethical and moral values

  • That there is importance in developing personal and social responsibility alongside service to others

  • That students thrive when they experience success every day

  • That each school's curriculum must include learning experiences that develop the whole child

  • That all students should be active and responsible participants in their own learning

  • That high standards of excellence are necessary to challenge students

  • That honest on-going and effective communication among all members of the school community promotes trust, partnership, and teamwork

  • That the local and international qualities within our schools have value and should be respected.

  • That the skills to utilize technology are essential to prepare students for the future.

  • That standards and regulations need to be applied consistently

Spaces to Thrive

Our Elementary School classrooms are bright, vibrant spaces where children learn in a positive and stimulating environment.

Your child will learn and grow in their home classroom and spaces dedicated to the arts and technology. Our home classrooms feature differentiated sections for learning, a wealth of books and resources to explore, and room to interact and have fun with their peers, all designed with your child’s safety and development in mind. 

Student Support

We aim to create a supportive and positive environment for all learners. That is why we take a holistic approach to student support, which includes educational assistance, daily encouragement, and aid for healthy social and emotional development.

Student Support Team

We respect and appreciate that every child is unique and learns in their own way. Our Student Support Team (SST) is a group of professionals with a range of expertise with Primary students who need additional learning support. This team responds to provide one-on-one support and additional resources as needed.

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