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Scientific Labs:         Biology - Chemistry - Physics

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Do you wish that your child becomes a scientist or an inventor?

Do you wish to see him a successful person and an A class student?

70% of the intelligent students , were not much brighter than their peers , but they have received the proper encouragement when they were young , which in turns lead to the development of boosting their intelligence and abilities , and this encouragement helped them to think a different way .

The lesson learnt:

Your child’s intelligence begins with your encouragement

Our school paid great attention to the scientific laboratories and reinforced them with the best chemical and technical equipments.

Our laboratories are considered to be one of the most important facilities in our school, by which they learn to understand the scientific terms, and they learn how to practice theories in a practical way, to get it in to their minds. It is in this way they are pushed to the attempts of innovation, and discover different fields of science .

And since laboratory usage needs a lot of experience and accuracy , we have hired the best staff and lab supervisors, to make sure that the lab is being used in the proper way , to help the teachers and to guide them to use the lab in the safest and most proper way , laboratory tools and equipments are very sensitive , that is the reason we make sure to include none but the best supervisors , because scientific experiments are the essence of science .

Physics, biology and chemistry labs:

The school includes three scientific labs especially designated for students in order to make the Scientific experiments accessible for all sections.

The scientific experiments are held in groups to enhance the group work skill between students.

The science department includes a number of competent teachers all according to his specialty, not to mention that these teachers all obtain either bachelors degree or master’s degree.

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