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Science Fair 2023 - 2024

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Co-Curricular and After School Activities

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At BISK, activities beyond academics are a part of our culture. Students participate in a combination of arts and special-interest classes as a part of their daily schedule in addition to after school activities.
Such as: 


1. ​Chess Club
​2. ART
3. Running Club
4. Robotics
5. Swimming

Student Council












The Secondary School Student Council is a student-elected organization that provides social, service, and leadership opportunities for BISK students. 

Students will plan and organize activities including dances, social nights, Spirit Week, Field trips and more. Students Council members are also responsible for representing the interests of the student body when discussing policy and practices with the administration

Community Service

Fostering a sense of civic responsibility is integral to our mission. After all, part of BISK learner profile is to create contributing community members. Students in the high school community service program have the opportunity to work with several organisations.

Examples of Great Community Service Projects

  • Collect Food and deliver it to the poor society

  • Recycling Program

  • Community Garden

  • Cleanup

  • Give New Coats to Kids in Need

Robotics Curriculum

Robotics courses as a part of our curriculum adhere to the needs of the changing world by
polishing our students with a skill set that will help them in the longer run.
The Robotics course for kids has been meticulously designed to allow our young geniuses to
extensively explore the world of technology and robotics. We intend to keep our students
updated with the most recent technological advancements rather than traditional and outdated
teaching methods. Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce kids to not only programming
but also to engage their interests in other subjects in a creative manner. It makes kids learn
Science and Math in engaging ways and can capture a child’s imagination like no other tool by
creating a fun, physical learning process. Our curriculum includes Scratch junior, Scratch,
Blocklydino, Syntax, Arduino, and many more programs.
A series of National and International Competitions, including the ones being organized by IITs,
are lined up, serving as an exhibiting opportunity for our young talented minds

Teacher's Day

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Teachers Anchor
Community Service
Anchor Breast

Breast Cancer Awareness

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At BISK October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.

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