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Bus Service at BISK

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The British International School of Kurdistan provides door to door transportation to all students through a third party provider. The bus service provider only provides new buses that are of the highest safety and passenger comfort standards. They employs drivers that are the safest, best-trained professionals in the industry. There are many advantages for using the BISK bus service:


Door-to-Door Service

The bus service covers most of the areas in Erbil and provides a full door to door service for the school's students and staff members. 

High Safety Standards

Every bus is equipped with individual passenger seat belts which adhere to world class standards. The seat belts and safety equipment are tested on regular basis to ensure the safety of the children and staff members.

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Assistant on Every Bus

On every bus, a full trained attendant is available to monitor the children and assist in the unlikely event of an emergency. The bus attendants are trained are first aid certified. 

Trained Drivers

All drivers appointed to drive the children and staff members of the BISK community, undergo intensive training in occupational health and safety. 

Real-Time Mobile Tracking Application with Cameras

In partnership with one of the telecommunication providers in Erbil, we provide a real-time mobile tracking application which can show you where your child's bus is exactly and also alert you for pick up and drop off. 

Each bus operates a GPS tracking system using SINO TRACK PRO APP on both iOS and ANDROID systems with each bus having an individual account. These accounts will be sent to parents with their own user names and passwords so that they are able to track their kid’s daily journeys.

For further inquiries please contact our bus operations

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