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Teacher Profile and Expectations


1) BISK hires only experienced and qualified, talented, caring and professional staff and faculty. Teachers who are successful at BISK would be expected to match characteristics under Personal Qualities, Professional Experiences, Pedagogical Profile and Expectations.

2) At BISK, our Remarkable Educators are continually in pursuit of personal and professional growth and development. As part of a growing global community of educators, learners and researchers, we share data, content, tools, and ideas with colleagues and schools around the world. Each term teachers across the school collaborate to develop and design a curriculum based on student data.

3) At BISK, we are a small team of experienced, passionate and qualified educators dedicated to nurturing future global citizens. We strive to uphold The BISK’s mission and vision, where Learning takes a central place in everything we do. We are constantly on the lookout for qualified and experienced educators to join our close-knit school community.

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