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November 2016 IGCSE and AS Examinations

  • 01Jun 2016
    November 2016 IGCSE and AS Examinations

    Dear Parents,
    There are some crucial things to remember regarding the coming November 2016 examinations.
    If you are planning to take an IGCSE or AS level examination in November 2016, but didn’t do the examination in June 2016, you need to register as latest 10th August. This means that you have to complete the application and the payment before you will be registered. After the due date, a late fee will be applied to your payment. Therefore, kindly complete the application before the summer holiday.

    If you want to be entered for a retake, then the due date for completing the application is 13th September 2016. For the examination to be considered a ‘retake’, you have to sit the retake examination within 13 months. That means that if you sat the IGCSE June 2015 examination and wish to re-sit the examinations in November 2016, it will not be considered a retake. That means that you have to register your entry before 10th August 2016.

    For any inquiry please contact Mr. Abdulrahman Sultan (Examination Officer) for more details.


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