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      "Registration for  2019 - 2020  is  now open"        

Documents Required

New Student required Documentation and Payment

Please supply the following documents along with the application we are unable to process an application without these documents:

Documents Required

1-      Proof of age and Nationality, i.e. Applicants Birth Certificate

(Taskera for Iraqi Citizens) and if available Passport

– If you specify your child is not an Iraqi citizen

– We MUST have their original passport/birth certificate

2-      Father’s Identity: Passport and if father Iraqi (Kurdish) then the Jinsya.

3-      Mother’s Identity: Passport and/or other national identity Paper, e.g. Jinsya.

4-      Medical Reports if any.

5-      Previous school reports/records.

6-      If from a local Kurdish school we need an approved Transfer Certificate or if from International

         School a letter from the School saying which grade year they have completed

         – this needs to be ratified by the Ministry of Education.

7-       3 recent passport photos.

8-      Vaccination records for (Nursery, Reception and Grade 1).

Payments Required

To complete the registration process you need to:

1-      Payment of $500 Application Fee

2-      Payment of 25% from the Tuition Fee

3-      Full payment of Bus Fee if registered for the service

4-      Purchasing books, exercise books and full uniform


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