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Documents Required

New Student required Documentation and Payment

Please supply the following documents along with the application we are unable to process an application without these documents:

Documents Required

1-      Proof of age and Nationality, i.e. Applicants Birth Certificate

(Taskera for Iraqi Citizens) and if available Passport

– If you specify your child is not an Iraqi citizen

– We MUST have their original passport/birth certificate

2-      Father’s Identity: Passport and if father Iraqi (Kurdish) then the Jinsya.

3-      Mother’s Identity: Passport and/or other national identity Paper, e.g. Jinsya.

4-      Medical Reports if any.

5-      Previous school reports/records.

6-      If from a local Kurdish school we need an approved Transfer Certificate or if from International

         School a letter from the School saying which grade year they have completed

         – this needs to be ratified by the Ministry of Education.

7-       3 recent passport photos.

8-      Vaccination records for (Nursery, Reception and Grade 1).

Payments Required

To complete the registration process you need to:

1-      Payment of $500 Application Fee

2-      Payment of 25% from the Tuition Fee

3-      Full payment of Bus Fee if registered for the service

4-      Purchasing books, exercise books and full uniform


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